Zhijed and Chod

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An Introduction

The term Dugnal Zhijed (sdug bsngal zhi byed) means “Pacification of Suffering” or “that which Pacifies Suffering.” The term appears in the short Sūtra on the Perfection of Wisdom, the “Heart of Wisdom” (prajñāhr̥daya), where it is said that the mantra of the Prajñāpāramitā is “the mantra that pacifies all suffering” (sarvaduḥkhapraśamanamantra). Thus, the expression was used by Buddha Śākyamuni himself, while offering the teaching that most Buddhist masters deem to be his final intent.

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A Brief History

This wondrous and blessed dharma tradition, the Pacification of Suffering (sdugbsngalzhibyed, duḥkhapraśamana) [1] is endowed with extraordinary, countless great qualities. They can be condensed in simple form in terms of the five perfections of place, teacher, time, retinue, and teaching.

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